Modular Weapon set for Steampunk MMO

These weapons were built for the Steampunk MMO by ARB studios. These are modular weapons, in that each weapon has 3-4 interchangable parts. Each part can be used with the other part which makes it possible to have a multitude of variations without needing to create more. All of these weapons also share a single (2024×2024) diffuse and specualr maps.
Having all the weapons share one map was very challenging and took a lot of forethought and planning to pull off. All weapons are 5000 triangles or less.

Software Used: 3ds Max, Photoshop

Total time: 1 week per set

Handcannon Variations

These weapon models were done for the Buck hunter iPhone game, produced by ARB studios. There were 15 standard hunting weapons completed for this project. Each weapon model had one base model which I then used to create 3 variations of each model.
Each base model was built in 3ds max and then imported to Zbrush. I sculpted in various details to the stocks and barrels. From there I produced the normals maps for each piece using Xnormal. All textures painted (1024×1024) in Photoshop.
Once the First model of each weapon was done, I was able to modifiy the mesh and textures to produced 3 variations of each weapon style.

Software used: 3dsMax, Zbrush, Xnormal and Photoshop

Total Time: 3.5 weeks (15 weapons)