Jesus Character Game model

Did a Character model for a game called ‘Savior’, which is still in production as far as I know. This is to be the main character in the game. and the player will take control of him and play through various biblical stories.

In the end the model was under 20k polys total with full uvs, normal map, color, specular, and bump maps.

Zbrush, 3ds Max and Photoshop

BakedJesusBody01 BakedJesusBody  DPaint7

Dpaint8 DPaint6 DPaint5 DPaint4

DPaint1 DPaint3 DPaint2

Civil War Captian’s Sabre

Started working on some weapon collections so time ago. The idea was to made a few sets of period specific weapons starting with the civil war and working toward the present. To-date though I have only made the first melee weapon for the civil war set, but hope to get back to these models in the near future. When complete the models will be game ready low rez, normal mapped, models to be posted to turbo squid to sale.

This is the completed highrez model for the sabre. Next step would be to build the low poly model and project this onto it.


CivilWarCaptainsSabre sword1

Nextgen m1911 .45 cal pistol

This gun was done for a client test, to see if they liked my work. Fortunately they did, so there will likely be more weapons like it to come.
This gun is a classic model of the M1911 .45 cal pistol. It has been standard issue in the military since WWI and still in service today. I was able to obtain technical schematics of the weapon parts and as a result the model is perfect scale to the real thing and has all the working parts, well the ones that will be visible in game anyway. The model itself is 4660 polys and has a 1024×1024 diffuse, specular and normal map.