Tank is leaking..OMG!!!

At about 4-6 months with the new saltwater tank, the tank started leaking a bit. It wasn’t huge or anything. In fact it was just this odd spot of salt creep that kept appearing in the front right corner of the tank. Luckily it wasn’t huge as this gave me time to prepare to take the tank down and reseal it.

I had never resealed a glass tank before, but after some internet research I found that it wasnt really that hard to do, and only had a few easy steps to do it. First step was to get the tank emptied. So I acquired a 30g and a 10g tank for the task of housing everything for a few days. I plumbed the 30g directly to the existing sump and started moving the rock, corals and critters to the 30g, and I moved all the sand to the 10g.


I pulled the main tank down, and cleaned it completely with vinegar and water.

Next step, and actually the most tedious step, was to remove the old silicon. You cant remove just a small section of the silicon either, you must remove all of the silicon; except the stuff that is between the panes and holding the glass in place.

Once you get all the silicon cut out you have scrub and clean any residue left behind from it, which takes a bit of elbow grease, some razor blades, rubbing alcohol and at least a few beers.


After that you use masking tape and you tape up all the edges of the tank. You tape both sides of the seam and leave about a 1/2-1/4 inch gap between them. Once you do this its just a matter of laying a bead of aquarium safe silicon and then quickly removing the tape before the silicon skins. Then its 2 days to cure before you can refill it.




Refilled and running like a champ again.



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