First saltwater tank

When my daughter was born I had a decent freshwater tank. It was a planted 55g and had tetras and bala sharks. My friend Ryan Knope had given me the tank to get me back into aquariums, which was something I had all my life until I went to college, and couldn’t afford one. I had that tank up and running for several years, and the Sharks were starting to outgrow the tank, so I was looking to upgrade to a 75-90g bowfront.

When I told my wife that I wanted to upgrade the tank she suggested that I should go to saltwater, since it was something that I had always wanted to do. She very much regrets that suggestion, but to late now. mwahahaha 😉

Thus marks my entry into the very addicting and amazing world of Marine Aquatics.

I did a ton of reading, bought a few books and read everything I could find on the internet to decide exactly which direction I was going to go with the tank and how to care for it. I still wanted a bowfront though as I has seen a few of them and really liked the shape. I hunted for the right tank for several months via craigslist until I finally found this beauty of a tank.

It came with tank, stand, canopy, the rock, a couple corals, a crab or two, a 20g tank for the sump and a return pump. The rock and stuff was already cycled and ready to go, so I made the dividers I wanted for the sump and then got the tank moved and running.  I added a few chromis, two clowns and a jawfish at first. Most of which sadly didnt survive to long since the tank was fairly unstable at this time. I do still have the clowns and the scarlet hermit crab however and they likely will get to be the first inhabitant in my latest monster tank build, but more on that in another post 🙂

IMG_2031 IMG_2250 IMG_2470

Tankbuild1 IMG_3137

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